ThrivePass partners with organizations to create personalized and meaningful employee experiences. With an array of solutions for well-being programs, pre-tax benefits, and performance rewards, ThrivePass helps employees thrive.

ThrivePass is a new take on the typical corporate wellness program in the form of a Wellness Savings Account—a fully integrated solution to help companies manage their wellness stipends. When employers choose to offer a wellness stipend of any amount, ThrivePass grants employees access to over 200 vetted vendors ranging from local gyms and fitness facilities to yoga studios to acupuncturists.

The platform not only broadens employee’s choice, but also provides management with spending oversight, and the ability to track engagement, user preferences, and health improvements. ThrivePass yields turnkey implementation, ease of use and administration, which streamlines HR activities. Our automation, and discounted wellness activity options, boost employee engagement in a healthier lifestyle, thereby helping companies to reduce healthcare costs and insurance premiums.