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    Techstars Central LLC, formerly known as TechStars, LLC, is an startup accelerator specializing in incubation for only ten startup companies each summer. The firm prefers to invest in fintech and technology oriented companies such as web-based or other software companies. It also invests in retail technology. It also invests in the field of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, and IoT in India.

    The firm prefers to invest in companies located all over the world. It also invests in companies in the accelerator bootcamps that TechStars holds. It also prefers to invest in Africa/Middle East, Asia/Pacific and Latin America and Caribbean.

    It invests minimum $0.01 million and an optional $0.1 million convertible debt note. They offer a three-month program with a funding of $0.12 million.

    It runs an accelerator program Techstars Music which specializes in investments in startups creating new types copyright-management solutions, curation technology and new types of at-home and mobile-phone music experiences with an investment of $0.02 million in exchange of six percent equity.

    It runs an Accelerator Program called Techstars Adelaide which will focus on startups developing defence and security related technologies with an investment of $0.12 million in return for equity in their companies. The firm runs an accelerator program called the Barclays Tech Lab Africa Accelerator.

    It does not seek any board representation or investor rights in its portfolio companies. It prefers to take a minority stake with minimum six and maximum ten percent stake and receives founders stock in its portfolio companies. Techstars Central LLC was founded in 2006 and is based in Boulder, Colorado with additional offices across Australia, Asia, North America and Europe.

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