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SoundHound Inc. is the innovator in voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies.

SoundHound Inc.’s Houndify is the first independent AI platform that enables developers and business owners to deploy it anywhere and retain control of their brand and users while differentiating and innovating. Houndify provides all the technology ingredients necessary for voice and AI integration, including the world’s fastest speech recognition, the most sophisticated natural language understanding, easy to use developer tools, knowledge graphs, and a large and rapidly growing number of domains. Houndify technologies represent 10 years of R&D.

SoundHound’s voice search & assistant app, Hound, leverages their Speech-to-Meaning™ and Deep Meaning Understanding™ technologies on a consumer app experience. Their SoundHound music recognition app applies the technology to the listening experience, enabling people to discover, explore, and share the music around them.

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