Sifted creates experiential lunch programs for high-growth, culture-centric companies.

Brands who want to treat their staff to chef-made, hand-delivered lunches hire Sifted to provide a daily or weekly lunch in their office. The service is fully-managed and laced with incredible attention to detail. From their professional hosts + account managers to their kitchen ninjas who take care of all dietary needs, Sifted’s lunch programs feel like a perk for everyone in the office. They have a reputation of feeding software engineers + fast growing teams better than anyone. They’re partners in helping colossal companies stay tight-knit and startups harness their natural energy.

The modern tech office is innovative, lean + environmentally conscious. Typical corporate catering is not. Sifted set out to reimagine the office lunch hour, creating a data-driven experience that’s designed for destination workplaces.

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