, Inc. (SeniorSource) is an innovative Internet company that is revolutionizing the $2 Trillion Senior Care industry. SeniorSource is your one and only source for everything you need to know before placing a loved one in senior care.

Adult children and caregivers, who are currently our target market, struggle with understanding what to do for their aging loved ones. Many times they are suddenly confronted with the responsibility of caring for their aging parents, spouse, friend or relative. These responsibilities are usually inherited without warning due to an unexpected incident such as a fall, which leaves their loved one in distress. Suddenly, adult children find themselves scrambling to help organize their loved ones legal affairs such as appointing a financial power of attorney and healthcare power of attorney, creating a living will, making funeral arrangements, establishing a financial plan, researching available financial aid options, choosing the right healthcare insurance, understanding and selecting the right home care or choosing the appropriate care facility. These are just a few of the many decisions adult children are suddenly confronted with. Another major problem is that these decisions involve meeting with multiple service providers for very different reasons, but what is even more difficult is helping adult children understand what they need and who to call or where to go to get help. Thus, we founded to help solve this growing problem.

Given the enormous size and scope of this market, we have created a revolutionary Internet search engine for anything “senior” designed to simplify what is now a disorganized mess of senior guide booklets that are out-of-date as soon as their printed, uninformed care managers and discharge planners, and unprepared families and caregivers who are overwhelmed with information overload.

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