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PaySimple is a simple cloud-based receivables automation service that is created specifically for small businesses. The software is intended to simplify the lives of business owners with its easy-to-setup and easy-to-use approach. It offers a full set of useful features and tools that reduce the time users spend on chasing, sorting, and monitoring payments – enabling them to channel their attention and efforts on things that matter most.

PaySimple delivers a suite of cloud-based software to help you accept payments, bill customers, monitor customer details, and set up recurring payment systems. All these functionalities are totally customizable and can be performed without any specialized knowledge on your part.

With PaySimple, you can generate invoices, quickly send those invoices to your customers, and provide them with an array of payment options. Your customers will surely love to process their payments as PaySimple implements a strict security protocol.

Overview of PaySimple Benefits

PaySimple is an online billing and invoicing solution that is extremely user-friendly. The dashboard offers users a quick overview of aspects of their business’s billing including paid, overdue, and pending invoices. You can monitor your customers and all of their pertinent details, such as their saved credit card and banking information to help accelerate future transactions. As you generate invoices, you can add more customers and products or services, and the details you enter are re-saved for future use.

PaySimple provides businesses a secure platform through which they can generate invoices, process and collect payment, as well as manage their customer relations. With PaySimple, users can accept credit cards, debit cards, and ACH e-checks, making it easy and convenient for their clients to choose their preferred mode of payment. To speed up the payment process, customers can choose to log in to a simple portal that comes with the email you send them and settle their payments with you. You can also facilitate payments within the PaySimple system or apply payments you receive by other means.

Booking is another feature that makes PaySimple an awesome payment and collection software. With its online booking tool, you can generate more business and find more opportunities by showcasing your staff and services. The Calendar application is a useful tool that helps you manage your time effectively. You can view all the appointments for yourself and your staff in one calendar, block personal time, and set lead times. You can also send your clients automatic follow-ups and reminders with the option to click to cancel or reschedule their appointments.

Overview of PaySimple Features

  • Payment Acceptance
  • Billing and Invoicing Automation
  • Mobile Payments & Management
  • Customer Management
  • Unlimited Recurring Billing Schedules
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