The Pagedip™ platform is your new digital content environment. We enable your customer-centric business to engage your reader. Invite the reader to remain connected to your digital material longer, by dipping into rich media in an innovative way. Curiosity satisfied, via Binks® at your fingertips! With this technology, a reader will access embedded materials, without leaving the page or opening additional browser tabs. Analytics capture involvement you need to measure.

The Pagedip™ platform will intuitively layer into a primary file, materials such as: images, audio/video clips, PDF files, 360 images, text, diagrams, maps, and more. Consolidate your static documents, into an elegant file your reader is not only compelled to discover, but will also enjoy reading from any computer or mobile device.

Originally known as Beneath the Ink, The Pagedip™ platform was established in 2011. This Colorado-based company is comprised of team members who are committed to pushing the limits of what is possible.