Since 1974, the KEPHART team has been dedicated to the idea that EVERYONE deserves a well-designed place to live. This means creating innovative homes and communities regardless of the project type or what the budget may be.

They see quality architectural design as something for EVERYONE, not just the wealthy. That’s why at KEPHART, they specialize in residential design and planning. They are happy to report that their clients and peers think they are pretty good at it, making them one of the top architecture firms in Denver and the nation.

In addition to being great architectural designers and land planners, their team is dedicated to giving back to the communities they serve.

People ask what the key to their longevity as a successful firm has been (Beer on Fridays! Just kidding, but it does help). It is having great clients that trust and believe in them; solving problems while saving money for their development partners; creating innovative, architectural design solutions; having FUN and loving what we do!

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