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Inboxlab is an expansive network focused on building successful, high-quality brands around the inbox. Poised to be one of the largest content powerhouses in the world, Inboxlab is revolutionary in its scope and scale. An industry disruptor, Inboxlab brilliantly innovates email to engage and inspire users via the inbox.

Now toppling 5.5M+ subscribers, Inboxlab nurtures its users’ passion pursuits with cutting-edge educational, entertaining, and inspiring content. Its flagship travel brand, The Discoverer, is a modern e-travel guide, that transports its robust community of over 3M travel aficionados to far off destinations. Each weekly edition seamlessly integrates socially-sourced content for a 3-5 minute read that takes travelers to a new, enlightened place.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Inboxlab has a unique company culture of visionary forward thinkers driven by intense curiosity with a strong growth mindset, expanding its team from 1 to 25 employees over the past 2 years. Inboxlab was recently selected as one of Built In Colorado’s 50 Startups to Watch in 2019.

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Featured Image- Inboxlab
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