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Greenhouse is an end-to-end applicant tracking solution designed to make the recruitment process as productive and cost-effective as possible. From establishing job requirements and selecting the right candidates to tracking interview responses and making data-driven hiring decisions, Greenhouse empowers companies to make the right recruitment choices.

Greenhouse supports automatic publishing of job vacancies to social media sites and job boards including Facebook, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed. Manage the hiring pipeline from start to finish with the Application Review tool by scheduling follow ups, configuring alerts and coordinating hiring teams.

Use Greenhouse’s powerful filters and search functionality to track and review each candidate’s progress, including their résumés, scorecards and responses to interview questions.

Improve future hiring processes and get a clearer picture of where the best candidates are coming from with Greenhouse’s sourcing reports, and identify inefficiencies and sticking points in the hiring procedure with pipeline reports.

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