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Naturally Brilliant Water. No Plastic Waste. Six years ago FloWater saw a massive and growing problem that needed to be solved. Single use plastic water bottles. Over 38 BILLION plastic water bottles that end up in our oceans, lakes, rivers, and landfills—and FloWater decided to eliminate these by disrupting bottled water with a radically new type of water called FloWater.

FloWater takes tap water and purifies it with a 7x Advanced Purification process: the result is a water that’s the best tasting water in the world—better than anything in a bottle (8 out of 10 consumers PREFER FloWater over Fiji), which is dispensed from an insanely cool-to-use Refill Station into any type of refillable container.

The result is a water that tastes amazing and is dispensed “on demand”. Hundreds of employees at the world’s best companies like Google, Electronic Arts, Sony, Hyatt, Hilton describe FloWater as “the coolest way to drink water that tastes better than anything in a bottle!” FloWater is a rapidly growing company with a small and passionate team that’s on a mission to inspire the world with water.