Exclusive Resorts

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Exclusive Resorts is a members-only club that provides its members with unforgettable luxury travel experiences all around the world – from vacations in its industry-leading portfolio of more than 350 luxury residences; to farflung experiences such as African safaris, Mediterranean cruises aboard private luxury yachts.

Exclusive Resorts Club Members have limited leisure time and rely on us to ensure they make the most of it. We are rooted in Club Member satisfaction and aren’t satisfied ourselves unless Members experience exceptional. Our tenured team of Vacation Ambassadors and on-site Concierges have been extensively trained to provide the highest level of service imaginable, wherever you choose to go. The teams know their Club Members well, have watched their families grow, and, with a refined personal touch, work to make each vacation more enjoyable than the last.

The Exclusive Resorts Collection is a private, Members-only resource granting access to the absolute best in vacation accommodations, built and selected according to Club Member request and recommendation. Our vetted luxury residences are our hallmark and instill a sense of ownership in our Members. Though every residence is unique unto itself, each is ideally located and exquisitely designed with top amenities, spacious rooms, and impeccable views so Members can take comfort in the certainty of assured quality and expectation.