Digible brings the world’s most advanced digital strategies to scale. We solve advertisers challenges with sophisticated campaigns and world-class customer service. Our clients are also learning that Digible is a three-dimensional shop; distinguished but firmly connected by our digital marketing services, custom research, and killer ad-tech.

Digible is a digital marketing and technology company that specializes (aka- ‘crushes it’) in multifamily apartments and student housing. We’re Rock Stars in Search Engine Marketing, local SEO, mobile marketing and paid social.

We solve property management advertising challenges with sophisticated campaigns, world-class customer service, and a killer technology.

In January of 2018 Digible launched Fiona, the industry’s first predictive marketing analytics platform. Need to know how much to budget or where to spend your marketing dollars? Just ask Fiona and she’ll kick you an intelligent recommendation in under 6 seconds!

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