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Despite a massive investment in both sales training and technologies (aka the “sales tech stack”), according to CSO Insights less than 50% of B2B sellers hit quota in 2018 and forecast accuracy was a dismal 47%. These metrics are not projected to improve in 2019, unless we begin to focus differently on the role most responsible for the development of our middle and under-performing sellers – the Frontline Sales Manager (FLSM).

CommercialTribe is built on three fundamental beliefs:
That the development of your B and C players is the responsibility of your FLSM.
Behaviors Drive Performance – that your A players behave differently than your B and C players, and that if you develop your B and C players, a sustainable lift in performance will follow.
In order to lift performance, your FLSMs must coach to improve the behaviors of their B and C players.

CT Coach enables FLSMs to execute the Field Management Process (FMP) and drive the adoption of your Selling Methodology in order to engineer more sellers and managers to goal.

Welcome to the future of sales development.

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