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Clove & Twine was built by a team of passionate professionals who were tired of cheap swag. What is the point of placing your valuable brand on crummy gifts, and then giving them to your customers, partners, and employees? Doing brand damage, not to mention blowing the opportunity to have others see your brand showcased on a great product…

A company gift should be as remarkable as the company itself. We created a fresh new idea for corporate gifting. In our opinion, a gift should reflect what the recipient means to you. This is what we do care about: We find the remarkable stuff people talk about, the beauty that artisans and manufacturers create. We love the unique gifts, finding useful but meaningful tools.

We’re here to help by cultivating an excellent shopping experience, by helping you with whatever you need. We disrupt the norm by changing the corporate gifting market and always challenging ourselves to find the most memorable gifts. We showcase the giver with quality gifts that reflect credibility, building recognition of a strong or burgeoning brand.

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