AimLock is the world’s first active stabilization and auto-targeting technology for small arms platforms. It combines the fire-control precision of large remote weapons systems with active target detection and continuous aim-correction in a fully-integrated, actuated, miniaturized package. AimLock Technology can be applied to almost any small arms platform to provide unprecedented probability of hit and a dramatic reduction in time-to-engagement. This dramatically improves probability-of-hit and engagement times which, in turn, creates substantial gains for our forces on the battlefield.

Available now, the AimLock Medium-Range Rifle System (MRR), is the inaugural product utilizing AimLock technology. An auto-targeting chassis designed for integration with existing mid-range rifles, the AimLock MRR is the first of many products currently in production. In addition to creating our own commercial offerings around the AimLock technology, we’re also working closely with the US Department of Defense and US allies to further research and develop AimLock for other purposes. These partnerships are helping to drive AimLock technology forward into a host of exciting new applications, with the goal of enabling the US and its allies to dominate the small arms fight in a way that was never before possible.

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