AdCellerant is a digital advertising and technology company focused on making quality digital marketing accessible to every business. AdCellerant achieves this goal by partnering with local marketers, media companies, agencies and channel sales organizations helping them leverage AdCellerant’s proprietary advertising software platform UI.Marketing.

AdCellerant is a privately held Colorado company focused on marketing, advertising, and software. AdCellerant is in its 4th year of operation, recording 4,000%+ growth when comparing 2014 revenues of $200,000+ vs 2017 revenue of $9MM. With a team composed of 28 incredibly talented and driven people, AdCellerant’s strength is represented in the products created for its partners, and the excellent customer service they provide.

The core objective of the AdCellerant team and the product set is making quality digital marketing accessible to every business. They do this by leveraging the end to end advertising platform created called This system helps a marketer create a digital marketing plan/campaign that is industry, budget and goal based. Once the marketer tweaks and approves the system generated plan, the application will automatically set the campaign up on behalf of the marketer and translate campaign performance into a fully transparent dashboard for reporting.

Running complex digital marketing campaign in programmatic, video, youtube, email, and search has never been easier. To top it off the marketer always has the ability to reach out to the AdCellerant team and talk to an expert about the campaign, performance and optimization strategies. This platform reduces operating, media and execution costs for the marketer saving them tremendous amounts of time and money, while still driving return on investment. This is how in just over 4 years the company is now executing 10,000’s of campaigns, in over 300 US markets and 5 international markets.