Aeris Health: A Promising Future Awaits in the Post-COVID-19

Founded in 2017, Aeris has helped people improve their health by providing modern air purifiers. Its efforts finally seem to pay off and keep attracting golden opportunities.
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Aeris Health as the Swiss leader in commercial and residential air purification systems, is facing huge demands on manufacturing as its sales have doubled since January 2020. As a result, Aeris recently secured $3.3 million in Series A funding to support further growth in the United States.

Since its inception in 2017, Aeris has been recognized with two prestigious design awards: iF Design Award in 2017 and Red Dot Design Award in 2019. Remarkably, Aeris provides one of the rare purifiers in market today proven to remove “feline coronavirus” from the air.

The Collaboration of Two Young Engineers

The story of two founders started in 2012 when Pierre Bi, CEO and Constantin Overlack, COO visited Beijing. They were immediately struck by the heavy pollution in the capital of China. Being used to the pristine clean air from Switzerland, the experience of a burning throat when waking up in the morning or running for just a couple minutes, left both engineers shocked.

After coming back to Switzerland, the two young men realized the importance of air purifiers in some countries. Seeing people suffering from serious respiratory problems, they believed it was a pressing health concern. So, they were inspired to make the best air purifier possible.

Pierre and Constantin dedicated themselves to researching and studying air purifying technology. They spent three years on this project at MIT and ETH Zurich. Together with Etienne Bougeot – a highly awarded industrial designer, they reengineered filter materials and iterated hundreds of designs to bring a machine with cleanest and most powerful airflow on the market.

The company launched their first purifier in China in 2017. It instantly became a hit, as it was one of the few purifiers that could deal with the heavy pollution in the country. Within the next year, Aeris started their expansion into Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, France, and Mexico.

New Opportunities Await in the United States

Receiving positive feedbacks from customer, Aeris was motivated to continue their work. Pierre and Constantin believe their technology is helpful not only in some highly polluted countries but also in all over the world. Global health issues related to air quality soon became Aeris’ number one priority. So, in 2019, they set up a second office in New York.

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The company entered this huge market by cooperating with various retailers such as Amazon, Target, QVC, Sylvane, The Home Depot, Wayfair, National Allergy. Recently, Aeris also partnered with Best Buy to distribute products in more than 600 stores across the United States.

Rising air pollution, the pandemic and global awareness of the health benefits of clean air have all contributed to the increased worldwide demand for high-quality air purifiers. In fact, the global air purifier market size is growing at 10.8% and expected to reach over 18 billion USD by 2027, according to a new report published by Grand View Research.

“The global pandemic has fueled a major shift in consumer awareness and concern over the air we breathe. Demand for clean air has never been higher. And our rapid growth in sales is proof that consumers recognize that not all air purifiers are built the same” – said Pierre Bi, Aeris CEO.

Aeris delivers 93.99% success in removing air pollutants, which was proved in a recent test following the COVID-19 pandemic. People are glad that their respiratory problems are finally addressed. Many of them reported feeling more energized than they had in years. The importance of clean air has never been more evident. Aeris is thrilled to bring its knowledge and expertise in improving air quality in cities around the world to the United States.

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Pierre Bi shared: “Our vision is to create technology that aids in the long-term health of our customers. 600,000 to 700,000 Americans die early from air pollution every year: we see this as one example of many such hidden, lower-prioritized health concerns that must be urgently addressed. That’s where Aeris will come in.”

Air circulation and air quality has become a cause for concern for all of us. Many families have started installing air coolers and air purifiers at home to deal with the rising threat of air pollution, germs, and viruses. The new products are going to address these concerns and Aeris must be so proud to show up in the market at the right time!

Aeris Got Funded $3.3 Million to Meet the US Demand

On August 17 this year, Aeris Health successfully secured its series A funding of 3.3 million USD after its entrance in the United States. The funding was led by Tencent co-founder Vic Lee, Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen, PreAngel, Sarona Ventures, and other investors representing investments from the US, China, Israel, and Switzerland.

The company is developing AI-powered air purifiers that learn and adapt to each user’s habits and the air quality alterations in their home over time. The purifier can also adapt to specific conditions such as odors and viruses without loss of suction power.

“We are introducing new distinct products that focus on the air quality and call for cleaner in-house air circulation for a healthy life when the world is reeling from the COVID-19 virus pandemic. I am pleased to announce that these products fulfill certain gaps and needs in our day-to-day life and due to these important factors, they are spreading their market share globally like anything!” Pierre Bi added: “Aeris Air Purifiers brings a very significant product line that is in serious need now, especially at a time when the spread of virus and air-borne diseases are causing lives across the world.”

The Aeris AI-powered air purifier, a new product for anywhere in the home, is available in four models:

  • aair Lite: A small air purifier that can remove 99.95% of the air-borne bacteria, mold, mildew, odor, and other pollutants from any space up to 350 ft².
  • aair 3-in-1-pro: Using state-of-the-art technology, the aair 3-in-1 Pro eliminates indoor air pollutants while becoming more efficient and effective over time. For rooms 750 ft² and larger.
  • aair Medical Pro: Hospital-grade air filtration that prevents even the most difficult airborne health hazards from affecting users.
  • aair Gas Pro: Combining the power of our strongest air purifier and a filter designed with the ability to move odors at a molecular level, the aair Gas Pro will ensure that you never have to worry about distracting or embarrassing odors in your home again.
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After the funding event, Pierre Bi proudly announced: “With the latest round of funding, we’re now in a position to further capture this enormous opportunity and help consumers across the United States and North America protect themselves and their families from airborne pollutants, including coronavirus.”

Air pollution is constantly emerging as a big threat to our health and the environment. As a result, the demand for air purifiers as well as other healthcare devices are growing fast. Despite the challenges, it is good that Aeris remains positive and keeps on improvising, which speaks a lot about its ability to navigate out of the rough weather. However, an air purifier is still perceived as a luxury item even for people in developed countries, which might be another challenge to the growth of this market.

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