6 New Features of E-Commerce Mobile App Can Boost Business Revenues

Customers have become much more comfortable shopping through a Mobile App than a website. Therefore, E-Commerce companies are concentrating on improving the end-user experience on mobile devices. Which new feature should they add?
6 New Features Of E-Commerce Mobile App Can Boost Business Revenues
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The boom in mobile ecommerce has led to the creation of mobile applications and platforms. Now days we are doing most comfortable shopping and paying through their mobile devices. Smartphone’s and eCommerce Mobile Apps are having a significant impact on how we buy.

So here I list out some must-have new features that attract online shoppers and also help to improve your sales.

UX Personalization

Personalization is one of the most core components for successful eCommerce mobile apps. The main aim of personalization is to build a sustainable user experience that meets, or even exceeds, the user’s demand. These are the simple examples to personalize the user experience of your eCommerce mobile app: design for personalization, breadcrumb behavior, uncluttered layout & simple navigation, filtering options etc.

Seamless On-boarding

When you deciding to build mobile app for your business make sure that should be comfortable for first time user also. To eliminate user complications this onboarding strategy came and its help to users successfully adapt a product and fully embrace it.

These are three techniques to Onboard Designs for Ecommerce Mobile Apps:

Benefits-oriented onboarding

Function-oriented on-boarding

Progressive onboarding

Push Notifications

Push notifications are an important and powerful feature to assist your users in shopping. This feature is strategic, as it naturally inspires users to take instant action also boost up your sales significantly.

Feedback Mechanism

Build trust among users is a most crucial thing in ecommerce. Feedback mechanism is the only way to build trust with your users is to provide them a convenient opportunity to share their valuable feedback and sharing suggestions and complaints related to your app.

Ease of Use

Ecommerce mobile application should provide them with clear search mechanisms and all the key categories such as features, quick checkout, multi-currency, return policy, related products, wish list button, product reviews, quality product images and filters, and should eliminate any confusing steps that may keep them from making a purchase.

Exclusive Offers/Discounts

This is an additional special feature you can offer your app users to encourage them to use it. Offering discounts and specials that you don’t offer anywhere else ensures that people will download your applications to receive those offers.

These are some of must have features for your eCommerce mobile applications. If you are planning to create an eCommerce mobile app than contact innovative Seehash Mobile Applications Developers in Hyderabad they will understand your thoughts and business then creates a mobile app with amazing features to engage more users for your online store and improves sales.

Contributed by Shanmugapriya M, Business Analyst

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