Infographic: 4 Most Popular Outsourcing Examples in 2019

Due to the emerging of globalization, it is clever for managers nowadays to considering outsourcing options. Here is a list of the top functions that companies choose to outsource.
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What is outsourcing? And what benefits would it bring to you?

Simply, outsourcing is the action of transferring a certain activity in your company’s working process to a producer or service provider to handle it. The other company normally a foreign entity and is competent in the related field.

The term outsourcing project is not some new topic nowadays, but the trend toward more and more companies adopt it due to recognize the huge benefit and value it would offer should not be bypassed.

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Of all the types of outsourcing projects, four stand out as the most popular recently: Project-based outsourcing, IT outsourcing, professional level outsourcing and manufacturing outsourcing.

Project-based and IT Outsourcing

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The Professional and Manufacturing Outsourcing

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If you have just found out the suitable outsourcing project for yourself then congrats!

Maybe now is the time for you to move into the next stage of finding the optimized location to outsource entrust your work to.

If you are in for a step-by-step guide for choosing the destinated country, please check out our 3 Quick Tips to Have a Successful Outsourcing Experience.

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