4 Actionable Steps to Build a Good Ecommerce Customer Service

Good ecommerce customer service is all about providing an excellent customer service experience to your online store or ecommerce business. The following section provides some quick implementations for you.
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With the advancement in technology the world of online marketing is constantly changing and is a lot of times complex. If you are running an Ecommerce store, then you don’t need me to tell you how difficult the situation is. As the ecommerce trend is rising, more and more competitors squeezing in to your space.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to find different ways to attract new customers while retaining the old one by offering superior customer service.

There are various ways to improve ecommerce customer service that will increase customer loyalty and ultimately profits.

#1: Offer live chat

In today’s digital world, customers’ expectations are rapidly changing. Customers expect more from us today than ever before. To meet up customer’s demands it is necessary that you offer real-time assistance to the customer. Live chat is the best software to provide instant solutions to the customer’s query immediately. There are so many benefits of live chat support on your ecommerce website. According to Econsultancy, live chat is preferred for customer service.

With the help of live chat, customer support team can proactively engage with the customers and and can assist them, thus this increases conversion rate. If customer faces an issue in completing purchase or want to know about your products or services they may directly connect with your live chat agent via live chat. This improves customer service and boosts sales.

#2: Ask for feedback

Develop a habit of asking for feedback. Whether it is positive or negative, it is always helpful. Feedback gives the clear idea what customers thinks about your brand, business, products or services where improvements are needed, and you will be able to offer the best customer service to your customers.

#3: Offer 24-hour phone support

Most customers still prefer to talk to a customer support team over the phone. There are several integrated customer service voice products that will help you take voicemails when you are not online. You can also use 24-hour live answering machine service so that customer can easily connect with you whenever they face any issue. This will boost customer experience and drive more sales.

#4: Offer social customer service

Customer service over social media platforms is becoming increasingly important. Social media sites like Facebook or twitter has evolved to become more than emergent platforms for marketing and advertising. If you have social media channels set up, you should provide customer service through them. This will make easier for the customers to connect with your brand through social media platforms and this will boost customer engagement.


Customer service is an important part of your ecommerce business. With proper planning and strategies and implementing new ideas to improve customer service and experience will help your ecommerce business to move forward towards success.

Contributed by Som Nandani, lives in Tagove, San Fransico (2017-present)

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